Sunday, August 21, 2011


Physical benefits:Immune system, arthritis, tumours, torn muscles, broken bones, toothache, gum, infections, and sinus blockages.

Emotional benefits: Gives resistance to emotional blackmail and heals emotional abuse, especially from childhood; encourages healthy relationships based on love not need.

Chakra: Heart

Fragrance: Cedar, copal, pine, and sage.

Zodiac: Scorpio

Gods/Goddess: Freyja, Lady of the Mountains

My Uses: Anxiety, letting go of the past, surrounded by electronics.

Magick: Speak your fears and sorrows daily aloud as you hold the crystal and then leave your malachite in a sheltered place outdoors overnight to carry away the fears on the winds.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Today we celebrate the first harvest of the wheel of the year. I did not do much, because I felt like I was in a bad mood today, I think I am about to start my moon cycle.

I started my day out with a bowl of stir fried squash that came right out of the garden! I then harvested all of my poppy seeds. I was planning on cutting some of the catnip, but the bees looked so happy around the flowers that had just bloomed from it, so I decided to let it be until the bees were done with the flowers. I meditated a lot on trying to boost my attitude.
This weekend I went camping with some friends up in the mountains and I had a few odd things happen to me.

So the first thing I saw was that we were pulled over on the side of the road and I was sitting around looking at the landscape and I kept noticing this huge yellow butterfly. Every now in then I would see it fly into the road and it scared me because there was so much traffic that was driving 65 miles per hour on the road. Well after awhile I noticed it got hit and was laying out in the middle of the road. I ran out to go pick up it's body so it wouldn't keep getting mangled by the cars. I was wondering, why on earth is this silly butterfly doing this? First thought that came into mind was, "sacrifice". Maybe that is was it was symbolizing. I stuck him in my journal of thoughts.

The second thing that happened to me was in the truck. We were almost to our destination and I had my window rolled down and peeking out into the fields where all of the cows were and all of a sudden the same species of butterfly flew right into the window and whacked me right on the forehead. He was still alive so I picke dhim up and he flew back out the window. Maybe, this was a sign of trying to scream out to me. I don't know...maybe I was thinking about to much of something and not just relaxing enough.

I will still meditate on these little events and figure out some more answers